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L I T T L E      M A R I E S

The idea behind this artwork, is a notion which is very vague and differently interpreted by everyone: the Soul in relation to Body and the ways I can explore this relation as a visual artist.

In order to manage to imprint the above visually, I try to support my concept within a theoretical framework (which isn’t necessarily focusing on arts only). Hence my field of research becomes more specific, and focuses on two common Human Soul “characteristics”: The notion of Drive and Fantasy (as both described by Jacque Lacan).

Through my photos, the attempt is to reveal the “inner world” we manifest within ourselves rather than looking outwards. The balance and imbalance between the Soul and the “centre of gravity” of the Body, like marionettes pursuit to balance in their strings.The transition from a state of innocence (where Soul coincides with the “centre of gravity”), to a state of transcendental knowledge, where Soul does not fully coincide with the “centre of gravity” and our inner world makes its presence stronger than ever. Maybe the quest after this oscillation is to return to a new kind of innocence.

In French marionette means "little Mary"